Meet our Management Internship Team!

Here at Blu Violet Boutique, we have an internship program for high school students interested in going into a fashion related career in their future. Before Becca and Riley took on a management role they were sales associates for a year prior. After demonstrating excellent social media management skills, leadership qualities, resourcefulness, and a peaked interest in the fashion industry; the girls earned their promotion. As managers they exercise their creative skills in planning events and creating sales promotions. They’re also deemed the opportunity to attend fashion trade shows as they learn what it's like to be a buyer in the boutique industry. The girls are able to work on their networking abilities by communicating with brands all the while building good relationships. Over the past years, they have developed exceptional social media skills as they’ve gained experience. Becca and Riley now oversee the store's social media accounts as well as fellow employees posting, ensuring the highest quality content. Social media has opened the door of opportunity for the girls as they are ever improving on their creative expertise while assisting fellow employees on marketing strategies.

My name is Becca Peterson and I am a senior at Libertyville High School. The first time I talked to Crystal (owner), I knew that she would take me on a path that I had always dreamt of, working in the fashion and business industry. I began my journey at Blu Violet Boutique as a sales associate and worked my way up to a management position. In the process of my promotion I have been given the opportunity to develop leadership, time management, and communication skills. Crystal has given me the amazing opportunity of an internship to experience the behind the scenes of running a successful business and to see firsthand how hard work pays off. During my time here I have been able to develop my eye for fashion and have it become a big part of my life. My most valuable part of my job is the experience it has given me; from starting out as a sales associate to attending fashion trade shows in the city, it has enhanced my communication and creative abilities that I will take with me as I make my way through the fashion industry. I am thrilled to witness the future of Blu Violet Boutique and all its potential in the upcoming years! 

Hi, I’m Riley Kurland and am currently a senior at Libertyville High School. I began working at Blu Violet Boutique as a sales associate where I was able to gain much experience. After obtaining a year of training, it was my skills of communication, creativity, leadership, and independence that allowed for my promotion. And it was Crystal, that took a chance on a highschool girl that has altered my trajectory in life. Over these last months I have had numerous beneficial encounters that have promoted my growth in the industry. Such as attending fashion trade shows, connecting with brands, and curating promotions for the store. All of these opportunities have further strengthened my communication and problem-solving skills, all the while enriching my eye for fashion. The most memorable and valuable experience I have had was taking part in StyleMax, a trade show in Chicago, alongside Crystal and Becca. It broadened my horizons by enlightening me to a whole other side of the fashion world, buying. As we met with brands to discuss their new releases and upcoming styles, it gave me an appreciation for the industry as there is so much work being done behind the scenes. Before I was graced with this opportunity, I had a taste for fashion, but now it’s a part of my life. I am delighted to be a part of the management internship program and even more so for the future of Blu Violet Boutique as I hope to grow alongside it!

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