Terms Of Service

Web Store Purchases
For any questions regarding online store, online purchases, and website help Contact: shopbluviolet@yahoo.com

My Account
Customers are required to create an account during the check out process when purchasing.

By creating a personal username and password you will have the following benefits:
• Store and edit shipping and billing addresses
• Enjoy a faster, easier checkout
• Save items in your shopping cart for later visits
• More personalized shopping experience

Registering/Logging In
To create a new account, an order must be completed.
Returning customers can log in at the Log In tab at the top of the page.

Logging Out
If you visit our site and log in from a public computer, you should always log out when you are finished so that other computer users cannot access your information.
To do so, click Log out at the top of any page.
Order History To view your order history, just log in!
To log in, click on the Log In tab at the top of any page.
You’ll need your username and password to complete the login process.

Editing Your Profile
Editing your profile means changing the personal information in your account.
You can change your address, phone number, password, etc.
To do this you would need to Log In with your username and password.
Once you have logged you will be able to change your password, shipping address and billing address.