What Is Permanent Jewelry?

Greetings Blu Violet beauties! 

Summer is finally here and the last thing you should be worrying about while on vacation or at the pool is if you’ve left that favorite bracelet behind at the hotel or lost that necklace in the sand. Enter permanent jewelry at Blu Violet Boutique! You may have heard the term "permanent jewelry" but are unsure what that means exactly. Learn more, as the permanent jewelry addiction is here to stay! Our welder, Crystal, has been making custom jewelry for over 15 years and started permanent jewelry 6 years ago. 

Permanent jewelry can be bracelets, necklaces, rings and anklets that are custom fit to you and then the two ends are safely welded together on you. Our chains are 14k yellow gold, 14k Rose Gold and sterling silver and they are waterproof and sweatproof! We have many different types of chain styles and even have limited edition colored enamel chains for summer.

Our chains look great with all styles of clothes and are very dainty and delicate looking so multiple bracelets on one wrist look great. We can also add charms to your jewelry like birthstones, smiley faces or initials. The jewelry only takes a few minutes to put on and once they are on, they stay on until you are ready to have them removed. Feel free to be creative and mix up the different chains.

We can do mommy and me bracelets and matching bracelets for the besties in your life or even couples bracelets (yes, men get them as well!) We also offer permanent jewelry parties for larger groups in our Libertyville location. Gift cards are available to purchase for our permanent jewelry and make great gifts! I work out with mine on, run around with my kids and go in the pool and they have all held up extremely well. Send us a Dm today or click the link on our Instagram page (shopbluviolet) to book your permanent jewelry appointment today!

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