Where will they be going now?

We are beyond grateful for the experience and knowledge we’ve gained from interning as managers at Blu Violet Boutique. It has truly been a dream job and we cannot thank Crystal enough for how much we have learned throughout our time here. In our management position, we were given the chance to strengthen our leadership, social media and communication skills which we will be taking with us in the next stages of our lives. 

Riley: Over the last 2 years being a Blu Violet Boutique employee has influenced my future career aspirations, leading me into the world of digital fashion marketing. Amidst last summer, Crystal presented Becca and myself with the chance to become intern managers. It has been such a rewarding experience, allowing us to grow and take on more responsibility. Before Crystal gave me this amazing opportunity I didn’t know where the future would lead me. However, this impactful journey has opened countless doors, all the while inspiring me to become involved in the fashion industry. I could not be more appreciative of this position as it has taught me countless lessons and shaped my future. I will be attending the University of South Carolina in the fall as a marketing major, and I could not be more excited to continue developing my abilities.

Becca: Working at Blu Violet Boutique for the past couple years has been such a blessing. When I first got promoted to the Management position last summer, I was unsure if I would be capable of taking on this position but with Crystal's guidance and expertise, I have learned more than I ever expected. This management Internship has given me so many new opportunities and perspectives that I am especially grateful for. Not only have I strengthened my work ethic but I have also learned so many new skills that I will be taking with me on my journey in the fashion, marketing and business industries. As for my future at Blu Violet, I am thrilled to be promoted to the content creator and continue my journey with Crystal as Blu Violet Boutique expands its horizons.

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